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Mozmill-Crowd 0.1.1 Release

After talking to one of my colleagues at Mozilla, we have decided to push another minor release of the Mozmill-Crowd extension as soon as possible. The main task was to improve the user experience when using the extension. The following fixes have been incorporated: Save the screenshots which are automatically taken by the l10n test-run into the screenshots folder of the extension storage. That allows you to access those a way easier, compared to before when you had to locate those first in the temporary folder. Disable the slow scriptContinue readingMozmill-Crowd 0.1.1 Release

Mozmill Tests now under the Mozilla QA product

After some discussion last week how to track bugs of the different projects inside Mozilla QA we came to the conclusion that a new product on Bugzilla is necessary. Similar to other groups at Mozilla, QA would also benefit from it when having all their projects under one single umbrella, instead of in dozen different components. Finally we came up with the “Mozilla QA” product. By today the new “Mozilla QA” product has been created on Bugzilla under the Others section. At the same time 5 components have been created,Continue readingMozmill Tests now under the Mozilla QA product

Mozmill Crowd Talk at Selenium Meetup #3 in London

Already two weeks ago, on November 3rd, the Selenium meetup #3 of the London Selenium user group has been taken place. Organized by Dave Hunt, we had 2.5h of interesting talks and discussions at the Google office in London. The overall topic for this evening was how Mozilla is using Selenium and other tools to ensure the quality of their products. Therefore I have been asked to do a presentation about our client-side ui testing framework Mozmill. I was pleased to do so, because I thought that not that manyContinue readingMozmill Crowd Talk at Selenium Meetup #3 in London

MozMill Crowd – The birth of global automated testing

Last Friday I had my presentation about the MozMill crowd extension. It was part of the breakout sessions during the Mozilla Summit 2010 in Whistler. For everyone who wasn’t able to make it to my presentation I have uploaded the slides to slideshare: MozMill Crowd – The birth of global automated testing View more presentations from Henrik Skupin. If you have further ideas or proposals you want to tell us about, please use the following EtherPad document. We would appreciate it. Update:I should mention that the extension is still underContinue readingMozMill Crowd – The birth of global automated testing

Testday for creating Mozmill Tests for Add-ons

Mozmill is not only able to execute functional and unit tests against applications, which are build on top of the Gecko platform, but can also be used to run those type of tests against extensions. If you are an extension author and interested to see your extension tested in a daily fashion by our automated test-runs in the QA-lab, you should definitely join the testday on Friday, May 28th. We really want to encourage you to think about the implementation of automated functional tests for your own extension. And it’sContinue readingTestday for creating Mozmill Tests for Add-ons

Testday: Exploratory testing the new Add-ons Manager

As you have probably already read about in a couple of blog post from Jennifer Boriss, Dave Townsend, and Blair McBride, the next major version of Firefox will contain a shiny new Add-ons Manager. If you wanna know more details, you should check out the design documents. Even with the development for this feature still in progress, Mozilla QA will hold a testday for exploratory testing the new user interface on Friday, April 30th. For this time we will not use any Litmus test but running tests based on theContinue readingTestday: Exploratory testing the new Add-ons Manager

Mozmill 1.4.1 released

Today Mozilla proudly presents the next bug fix release for Mozmill. A couple of improvements have been made into this release. The most important part is definitely the support of Firefox 3.7, which allows us to run Mozmill tests against Minefield builds in the near future. But we also support Open Solaris now and offer a much easier way to setup Mozmill on Windows. There is no dependency for pywin32 anymore. And with all the other fixes we really have a shiny new release. A list of fixes, which haveContinue readingMozmill 1.4.1 released

Testday for Testscripting your Add-on with MozMill

Mozmill, which is a framework for running functional tests, can be used for any application which is built on top of the Mozilla platform. This includes Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and many others. But it’s not only possible to test the application itself. Instead it can also be used to run any type of functional tests for installed add-ons. To stimulate add-on authors to create their own Mozmill tests, Mozilla QA is holding a testday on Friday, March 5th, which is fully devoted to Mozmill testscripting for your add-on. Learn howContinue readingTestday for Testscripting your Add-on with MozMill

Mozmill talk of FOSDEM 2010

Everyone who was not able to make it to my presentation during the FOSDEM 2010 you can dig into my slides on Slideshare. Live demonstrations are not contained. Mozilla: Automated Mozmill Tests View more presentations from Henrik Skupin.

Mozmill talk at FOSDEM 2010

Over the next weekend the next FOSDEM will take place once more in Brussels (Belgium). It’s a two day event completely devoted to the free and open source software. Mozilla has its own developer room again and offers a couple of interesting talks during both days. For the first time I will not only be a participant but also have my own talk. That means that everyone who is interested to hear about the basics of Mozmill and the current state of Mozmill testing is welcome to join my MozmillContinue readingMozmill talk at FOSDEM 2010

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