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Mozmill Tests now under the Mozilla QA product

After some discussion last week how to track bugs of the different projects inside Mozilla QA we came to the conclusion that a new product on Bugzilla is necessary. Similar to other groups at Mozilla, QA would also benefit from it when having all their projects under one single umbrella, instead of in dozen different components. Finally we came up with the “Mozilla QA” product.

By today the new “Mozilla QA” product has been created on Bugzilla under the Others section. At the same time 5 components have been created, which mostly fit the active projects of the QA Test Automation team. If you want to see details, check Bug 612578. Once a new component has been created, lot of you already know what happens. Right, normally hundreds of bugs have to be moved to the new location. I did the same a couple of minutes ago for our Mozmill Tests. Finally an amount of 508 bugs have been landed in the components under the Mozmill QA product. That move also cleaned-up all Firefox, Toolkit, and Core components we have used before to track the creation of Mozmill tests.

The old “Mozmill Tests” component under Testing has already been deleted. That means for any new issues please file bugs under “Mozilla QA > Mozmill Tests”.

If you want to watch ongoing work, you can subscribe to the following QA aliases:

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