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My 20th Bugzilla account anniversary

It’s somewhat scary how fast the time flies by. I can remember that I wrote a post for my 15th Bugzilla anniversary (as it feels not that long ago). But now the next mark has been reached with using Bugzilla for 20 years! A lot has happened in those last 5 years, and I’m sure that the 25th anniversary will come as well.

For statistics I have as well some numbers for my Bugzilla account:

  2018 2023 Changes
Bugs filed 4690 6504 + 1814
Comments made 63947 82346 + 18399
Assigned to 1787 2689 + 902
(Patches submitted) 2629 4144 + 1515
(Patches reviewed) 3652 3788 + 136


As it looks like the numbers for patches submitted and reviewed do no longer reflect the reality given that the review process has been switched to Phabricator some years ago. Especially the number of reviewed patches hasn’t really increased while I did a lot of reviews.

Anyway, it’s always good to see some numbers related to my work that I do on a daily basis for the Mozilla project, and hereby mostly related to the WebDriver project.

See you again in 5 years!

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