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Mozmill 1.4.1 released

Today Mozilla proudly presents the next bug fix release for Mozmill. A couple of improvements have been made into this release. The most important part is definitely the support of Firefox 3.7, which allows us to run Mozmill tests against Minefield builds in the near future. But we also support Open Solaris now and offer a much easier way to setup Mozmill on Windows. There is no dependency for pywin32 anymore. And with all the other fixes we really have a shiny new release.

A list of fixes, which have been made it into this release, can be found on Bugzilla. Lets give an explanation for some of those:

  • Bug 542000: With former Mozmill releases there were needs to install the Python for Windows extensions (pywin32). If you have used the MozillaBuild environment, changes to the registry were needed. All that work hasn’t to be done from now on. Installing MozillaBuild is enough to prepare the system for Mozmill. A big thanks goes to Atul Varma who removed that dependency and made our life more compelling.
  • Bug 543501: One of our upcoming projects is the execution of Mozmill tests against add-ons. Therefore we have to make sure that the usage of Mozmill will be as easy as possible. That’s why the misleading –plugin command line option has been changed to –addons. Make sure to use this option from now on.
  • Bug 548446: Mozmill had problems with installing some of the existing extensions because it was not able to find the extension id. Thanks goes to Jonathan!
  • Bug 544896: If you have long test-runs it was possible that the software update dialog came up and removed the focus from the window currently under test. That’s why the automatic update for the application has been disabled. If you want to run tests against that feature make sure to enable the preference app.update.enabled before.
  • Bug 558404 and Bug 559152: Some controller functions have been updated which missed some details about failures. Now we always have a stacktrace with full information available.

The new version of the add-on can be found on It’s under review right now but can already be installed. For all the others who are using the command line client of Mozmill, you can simply run the “easy_install -U mozmill” command to update to the new 1.4.1 release.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to send your feedback to the mozmill-dev mailing list or directly contact us on IRC in the #qa channel.

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