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Mozmill-Crowd 0.1.1 Release

After talking to one of my colleagues at Mozilla, we have decided to push another minor release of the Mozmill-Crowd extension as soon as possible. The main task was to improve the user experience when using the extension. The following fixes have been incorporated:

  • Save the screenshots which are automatically taken by the l10n test-run into the screenshots folder of the extension storage. That allows you to access those a way easier, compared to before when you had to locate those first in the temporary folder.
  • Disable the slow script warning dialog which was unnecessary before, because we already know that the test-run will take longer than the 20s which are set as default.
  • After a successful test-run show the logging information in the output section of the extension main window.

All those changes were part of Bug 627108. If you wanna give the extension a try, you can find the Mozmill Crowd 0.1.1 release on AMO.

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