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Firefox Automation report – week 23/24 2014

In this post you can find an overview about the work happened in the Firefox Automation team during week 23 and 24.


To continue the training for Mozilla related test frameworks, we had the 3rd automation training day on June 4th. This time lesser people attended, but we were still able to get a couple of tasks done on oneanddone.

Something which bothered us already for a while, is that for our mozmill-tests repository no push_printurl hook was setup. As result the landed changeset URL gets not printed to the console during its landing. Henrik fixed that on bug 1010563 now, which allows an easier copy&paste of the link to our bugs.

Our team started to work on the new continuous integration system for TPS tests. To be able to manage all the upcoming work ourselves, Henrik asked Jonathan Griffin to move the Coversheet repository from his own account to the Mozilla account. That was promptly done.

In week 24 specifically on June 11th we had our last automation training day for quarter 2 in 2014. Given the low attendance from people we might have to do some changes for future training days. One change might be to have the training on another day of the week. Andreea probably will post updates on that soon.

Henrik was also working on getting some big updates out for Mozmill-CI. One of the most important blockers for us was the upgrade of Jenkins to the latest LTS release. With that a couple of issues got fixed, including the long delays in sending out emails for failed jobs. For more details see the full list of changes.

Individual Updates

For more granular updates of each individual team member please visit our weekly team etherpad for week 23 and week 24.

Meeting Details

If you are interested in further details and discussions you might also want to have a look at the meeting agenda, the video recording, and notes from the Firefox Automation meetings of week 23 and week 24.

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