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Firefox Automation report – week 21/22 2014

In this post you can find an overview about the work happened in the Firefox Automation team during week 21 and 22.


To assist everyone from our community to learn more about test automation at Mozilla, we targeted 4 full-day automation training days from mid of May to mid of June. The first training day was planned for May 21rd and went well. Lots of [people were present and actively learning more about automation[ Especially about testing with Mozmill.

To support community members to get in touch with Mozmill testing a bit easier, we also created a set of one-and-done tasks. Those start from easy tasks like running Mozmill via the Mozmill Crowd extension, and end with creating the first simple Mozmill test.

Something, which hit us by surprise was that with the release of Firefox 30.0b3 we no longer run any automatically triggered Mozmill jobs in our CI. It took a bit of investigation but finally Henrik found out that the problem has been introduced by RelEng when they renamed the product from ”’firefox”’ to ”’Firefox”’. A quick workaround fixed it temporarily, but for a long term stable solution we might need a frozen API for build notifications via Mozilla Pulse.

One of our goals in Q2 2014 is also to get our machines under the control of PuppetAgain. So Henrik started to investigate the first steps, and setup the base manifests as needed for our nodes and the appropriate administrative accounts.

The second automation training day was also planned by Andreea and took place on May 28th. Again, a couple of people were present, and given the feedback on one-and-done tasks, we fine-tuned them.

Last but not least Henrik setup the new Firefox-Automation-Contributor team, which finally allows us now to assign people to specific issues. That was necessary because Github doesn’t let you do that for anyone, but only known people.

Individual Updates

For more granular updates of each individual team member please visit our weekly team etherpad for week 21 and week 22.

Meeting Details

If you are interested in further details and discussions you might also want to have a look at the meeting agenda, the video recording, and notes from the Firefox Automation meetings of week 21 and week 22.

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