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Automation Development report – week 37 2013

Another week passed by and there are only two weeks remaining until the end of Q3. That means we are working eagerly to get the remaining goals finished up.


As of last week we are finally running our Mozmill l10n tests, which discover duplicated access keys and cut-off elements, in our mozmill-ci production environment. That’s a big step forward because with that we no longer have any other test machines which run Mozmill tests on a production like system. Everything is combined in a single continuous integration system. To make that happen Henrik had to fix a couple of dependencies across mozmill-ci, mozdownload, and down to pulsetranslator. As of now we will not regularly check the test results but will report them once in a while. Reason for that is the lack of human resources or any automation, which syncs the results with the l10n dashboard.

With yesterdays release of Firefox 24.0 we got another extended support release (ESR). That means we have to cover both 24.0.x ESR and 17.0.x ESR releases for the next 12 weeks. The necessary jobs for mozmill-ci have been created and our Pulse listeners adjusted.

We finally updated our mozmill environment to make use of the new and shiny mozmill-automation package. That allows us to do signed off releases, instead of direct repository checkouts for mozmill-ci, which caused a bit of breakage since it exists. We have new packages available for download for Mozmill 1.5 and 2.0rc5.

To let us have an easier transition from Mozmill 1.5 to the upcoming version 2.0, Henrik setup a new mozmill-ci instance, which runs the same kind of tests as production but with Mozmill 2.0rc5. The setup was already helpful given that we discovered a regression which didn’t let us run Mozmill on OS X 10.6. With all the remaining blockers landed we will have another release candidate. It will be out this week.

In terms of Mozmill tests for Firefox we finally were able to separate out tests, which make use of remote test data, to a separate testrun. With that step our functional testrun only uses local resources served via httpd.js. Big thanks here goes to one of our new contributors with the name Balazs Juhasz.

Not to leave gaia alone I also want to mention some of the highlights in that area. The gaia-ui-tests for example are using mozdownload now to download b2g desktop builds for testing. Support for mobile builds will hopefully land soon too. Beside that Dave pushed two software releases of b2gperf 0.7 (with logging included) and b2gpopulate 0.9 (with a fix for nightly builds).

Last but not least we have to give credits to Johannes, who finished the patch to get the first automated tests for mozdownload via mozhttpd landed. It’s the base for all the other tests we need to get full test coverage across all the different scrapers.

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