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Month: October 2013

Dresden Marathon 2013 (AOK 10km Lauf)

Letzten Sonntag war es wieder mal soweit. Der alljährliche Dresden Marathon inclusive Alternativstrecken (Halbmarathon und 10km-Lauf) fand statt. Auch ich war wieder mit dabei, musste mich aber jedoch schon vorab von meinem Ziel, einen Halbmarathon zu laufen, verabschieden. Aufgrund Zeitmangels in den letzten Monaten hatte ich nur ein einziges Mal die Chance, diese Distanz zu trainieren und hatte sie auch nur knapp verfehlt. Somit blieb für mich der 10km Lauf übrig. Immerhin die Möglichkeit meine Bestzeit vom letzten Jahr zu übertrumpfen? Die Tage zuvor waren grau mit teilweise Regen. DüstereContinue readingDresden Marathon 2013 (AOK 10km Lauf)

Automation Development report – week 42 2013

Highlights Henrik finally updated the current quarterly goals for our team. Please see our prioritized projects or check his blog post from today. We were surprised to see a bug for the httpd.js component fixed after more than a year, which drastically improved the execution time of our Mozmill tests. Given that we are still not able to upgrade our CI system to Mozmill 2.0, another release off the 1.5 branch had to go out. So we made Mozmill 1.5.24 available for everyone. With the help of IT, Henrik wasContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 42 2013

Automation Development team goals for Q4 2013

I know that I’m a bit late in publishing our Automation Development team goals for the last quarter this year. But better late than never. I think there are some very interesting tasks we want to tackle on over the course of the next three months. And we would invite everyone who has interest to join us, learn new stuff, and simply have fun with coding. Given that we are a part of the team aka the A-Team, we inherit some of the overall team goals for Q4 2013.Continue readingAutomation Development team goals for Q4 2013

Automation Development report – week 41 2013

Similar to last week a couple members from our team were partly away last week given the return travels from the Mozilla Summit. So we have lesser announcements to make, except that we hopefully found a couple of new volunteers for test automation! Which would be fantastic. Highlights As of last week we got our new Mac Minis in SCL3 setup by IT. That means that we have expanded our Mozmill-CI to also run pulse triggered tests for all supported versions of Firefox on OS X 10.9. Since then 2Continue readingAutomation Development report – week 41 2013

Mozmill 1.5.24 released

As of yesterday we have released Mozmill 1.5.24. That release was a bit unexpected because we had already decided to not release another version of this branch. But we were able to include a bug fix, which let our tests run nearly twice that fast. And given that we cannot upgrade our Mozmill CI to version 2.0 yet, a quick 1.5 release provides us a huge performance win. The problem in detail was in the local HTTP server we make use of, which is httpd.js. In July 2012 I recognizedContinue readingMozmill 1.5.24 released

Automation Development report – week 40 2013

Given that most people of our team were out for the Mozilla Summit over the last weekend, we weren’t able to get a lot of tasks accomplished. But compared to the awesome time and more a dozen of discussions about automation with people during the event, we will most likely see some new faces soon. Hightlights As of Wednesday last week we updated our Mozmill CI instance to make use of Mozmill 2.0. Sadly we had to roll back this change, given that our restart tests were failing all overContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 40 2013

Automation Development report – week 39 2013

During the last week we did something phenomenal. As you might have heard, we were able to release Mozmill 2.0 to the world. After about 3 years of development it was one of our biggest milestones to finish off. But also lots of trouble with our Windows nodes in Mozmill-CI caused us a bit of headache, which we were able to finally get solved. For more details please read on… Hightlights As already announced by my blog post last week, we were able to finally release Mozmill 2.0. Since ourContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 39 2013

Double-check to disable Firefox Sync when doing a regression test to not loose important profile data

Yesterday I was doing a regression test for Firefox to determine the changeset which brought in a very annoying behavior into Aurora builds. Therefore I copied my profile to not destroy my original profile data, and was working on that copy. All was working fine and I was able to reduce the whole profile to only the sessionstore.js and prefs.js files. The evil awakening came today morning when I tried to log into a website via my personal profile. By surprise the user name and password hasn’t been filled inContinue readingDouble-check to disable Firefox Sync when doing a regression test to not loose important profile data

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