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Month: August 2013

Mozdownload 1.9 released

Oh my! It happened again. And here it is. Another release of mozdownload with a couple of new features included. As a regular user please let us know if all is working well, or if you want to see some new features included. Below you can find an overview about the main features in mozdownload 1.9: Tinderbox builds can be downloaded by timestamp now For linux64 the 64-bit and not the 32-bit installer gets downloaded Support for the stub installer on Windows has been added Better error messages are displayedContinue readingMozdownload 1.9 released

Mozmill 1.5.22 and 2.0rc5 released

As of today we can announce a double release of Mozmill versions. While for Mozmill 1.5 it might hopefully be the last update, our final Mozmill 2.0 release is coming really close. The now released RC5 should be the last release candidate. Mozmill 1.5.22 Another update of Mozmill on our 1.5 branch was necessary given that the Thunderbird folks detected a memory leak (bug 876399) in our module loading code via a sandbox. This is now fixed and different tests no longer share global objects anymore. Beside that the followingContinue readingMozmill 1.5.22 and 2.0rc5 released

Automation Development report – week 34 2013

Last week was a really productive week, when we look over the accomplished tasks. Across different test frameworks and tools we got a lot done. Especially the mozdownload project raises interests by even more people, who want to help with their own contribution. Thank you all who were involved! Highlights To appreciate all the hard work done by Johannes Vogel on the mozdownload project we promoted him to the reviewer status. With this recognition he is now able to help us driving this project forward with a faster pace byContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 34 2013

Automation Development report – week 33 2013

Starting from today, the Automation Development team wants to publish weekly reports about the work happened in the previous week. Reason is that similar to other groups we want to offer everyone more insight into our projects, and that we might find even more community members who are interested to help us and learn new stuff at the same time. If you have comments or proposals to the style and contents please let us know. Highlights Beginning of last week we promoted Andrei Eftimie, who is working for our teamContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 33 2013

4. Centrum-Galerie Nachtlauf

Gestern Abend fand der 4. Centrum-Galerie Nachtlauf in Dresden statt und bildete somit den Anfang des Dresdner Stadtfestes. Gemeldet waren an die 3000 Teilnehmer, und laut Endauswertung haben 2736 Sportler teilgenommen. Auch ich war wieder mit dabei und wollte meine Zeit vom letzten Jahr verbessern. Gelaufen bin ich ja seitdem genug. Das Wetter und die Stimmung war klasse. Also alles in Allem ein toller Lauf. Danke auch an die Veranstalter für das Vorverlegen des Starts um 30 Minuten. Ich denke, dass hat vielen von uns die Stolperfallen auf dem KörnerwegContinue reading4. Centrum-Galerie Nachtlauf

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