Mozdownload 1.9 released

Oh my! It happened again. And here it is. Another release of mozdownload with a couple of new features included. As a regular user please let us know if all is working well, or if you want to see some new features included.

Below you can find an overview about the main features in mozdownload 1.9:

  • Tinderbox builds can be downloaded by timestamp now
  • For linux64 the 64-bit and not the 32-bit installer gets downloaded
  • Support for the stub installer on Windows has been added
  • Better error messages are displayed

All details for this release can be seen in the changelog.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved in this release!

Mozmill 1.5.22 and 2.0rc5 released

As of today we can announce a double release of Mozmill versions. While for Mozmill 1.5 it might hopefully be the last update, our final Mozmill 2.0 release is coming really close. The now released RC5 should be the last release candidate.

Mozmill 1.5.22

Another update of Mozmill on our 1.5 branch was necessary given that the Thunderbird folks detected a memory leak (bug 876399) in our module loading code via a sandbox. This is now fixed and different tests no longer share global objects anymore.

Beside that the following improvements are also included:

  • In some cases we failed to correctly select an item from a menulist. As it has been turned out, a focus issue was the problem (871441)

  • about:newtab is now preloading its content, and causes our waitForPageLoad() method to fail when opening a new tab. That only happened with Mozmill 1.5 given for Mozmill 2.0 the whole code has been rewritten (887258)

  • At least on OS X Firefox shows a system dialog now, when a test tries to enable the geolocation feature for a page. To stop that from happening a new default preference has been added to Mozmill, which stopped that from appearing (897891)

As mentioned above it will most likely be the very last release of Mozmill 1.5. Further changes will completely go into Mozmill 2.0, which has been designed to be 100% backward compatible.

Mozmill 2.0rc5

It has passes a fair amount of time since our last RC4 for Mozmill has been released mid of June. That was more as we have anticipated, but it was worth the time. In all those weeks we fixed 32 bugs for Mozmill and 4 bugs for JSBridge.

The most important changes are:

  • JSBridge forced single and multiple conversions of strings to unicode where it was not necessary. As result sent data was not correctly transmitted or completely dismissed. That was a pain given that test results were inaccurate (761603)

  • In some cases Mozmill failed to send data during the shutdown of the application via the bridge to the Python process. As result we hit an assertion and with debug builds the application crashed due to an invalid access to an object in our socket implementation via NSPR (865690)

  • Another problem in our socket implementation was the missing handling of failed send requests. Before the patch has been landed, JSBridge simply ignored that and we hit a dataloss issue when too much information had to be send through the bridge (764640)

  • Our local HTTP server based on httpd.js was instantiated once for each test. This caused a lot of trouble and overhead. Now it is created on startup of the application and keeps running until shutdown. With that you will also be able to use it while Mozmill is in manual mode (881657)

  • Various changes to the restart logic have been included. With that we also got our state machine implemented for restart tests (895657).

  • Specifically for Metro Firefox we landed support for new touch events (880426)

Full details about the underlying changes in RC5 can be found in the changelog for Mozmill 2.0rc5 and JSBridge 3.0rc5

Automation Development report – week 34 2013

Last week was a really productive week, when we look over the accomplished tasks. Across different test frameworks and tools we got a lot done. Especially the mozdownload project raises interests by even more people, who want to help with their own contribution. Thank you all who were involved!


To appreciate all the hard work done by Johannes Vogel on the mozdownload project we promoted him to the reviewer status. With this recognition he is now able to help us driving this project forward with a faster pace by doing code reviews. A delicacy was also his patch for getting the long outstanding test infrastructure working for mozdownload. It landed last week, and gave Dave Hunt the opportunity to get Travis CI support added.

Over the past couple of Firefox branch merges we experienced troubles with our Mozmill tests execution within mozmill-ci. This was caused by a bug in one of the plugins in use, which only checks the default branch of a Mercury repository for changes, but not any other named branch. Henrik Skupin landed a workaround as an interim solution, which replaced the SCM trigger with a timed trigger in Jenkins. Now the CI is checking for updates each 5 minutes. For details please also see his post on the mailing list.

Further Henrik was able to finish off his patch for pulsetranslator on bug 857980. With it in place it let us send out individual normalized Pulse notifications for beta and release candidate builds produced by repack jobs. As result individual locales beside en-US can be tested with mozmill-ci now. Step by step our team will constantly increase the number of locales to test over the curse of the next few weeks. For details and a follow-up discussion please check the thread on the mailing list.

To stay on top of running our Mozmill tests on the latest OS versions, Henrik added 6 new Ubuntu 13.04 nodes to our CI cluster. Three of them are running a 32bit version while the other three have 64bit installed. Most likely as of today we will remove the Ubuntu 12.10 machines from the cluster.

Sadly we are still scratching our head around the current problems with Windows 8.1 preview release. Due to issues with the LoginManager we most likely see our nodes getting disconnected when an user is logging into such a machine via VNC. The failure thrown doesn’t seem to be that known yet, so fixing the problem and bringing those nodes online will not happen soon. If anyone has ideas what it could be, please let us know!

Thanks to our automation members from the Softvision team (Andreea Matei, Andrei Eftimie, Mario Garbi, and Cosmin Malutan) we were able to close out 4 of our existing mozmill-test failures and also got 2 enhancements landed for Mozmill 2.0.

Last but not least we want to thank Johannes for his contribution on the mozmill-dashboard project. With one of his latest patches it’s now possible to correctly bookmark our individual dashboard instances with unique bookmark names.

Individual Updates

For more granular updates of each individual team member please visit our weekly team etherpad.

Automation Development report – week 33 2013

Starting from today, the Automation Development team wants to publish weekly reports about the work happened in the previous week. Reason is that similar to other groups we want to offer everyone more insight into our projects, and that we might find even more community members who are interested to help us and learn new stuff at the same time. If you have comments or proposals to the style and contents please let us know.


Beginning of last week we promoted Andrei Eftimie, who is working for our team as a Softvision contractor from Romania, as peer for our Mozmill Tests repository. That happens in regard of all his contribution in the last couple of months. So if you are looking for a reviewer of your patch, you can flag him from now on. Congratulations again.

Dave Hunt got the performance tests running on the “Leo” devices now. Those are testing the cold load times and fps of the applications under test.

Over the past couple of weeks we detected a lot of application disconnects while running the Mozmill tests for Firefox under the Mozmill-CI system. As it has been turned out notifications (bubbles) from application updates could be the problem, and especially the new update overlay screen for Windows 8 updates. The latter completely blocked our testing. So Henrik Skupin re-configured all existing nodes and templates by disabling any automatic update checks (Bug 900860). Since that has been done, no further application disconnects have been observed. Lets cross the fingers that this will stay that way!

We noticed a massive disconnect of slave nodes in our Mozmill-CI cluster early last week. At the same time the response time of our Jenkins master was drastically slow. Henrik investigated the problem and identified that our current VM is not able to handle the memory load with 2GB of memory. So we increased the memory to 4GB, which indeed stopped the swapping process of consuming about 60% cpu load nearly all the time. Henrik will continue to watch the current memory consumption over the next weeks. Further we will upgrade our Jenkins installation to the latest LTS version soon, once all blockers are fixed.

Individual Updates

For more granular updates of each individual team member please visit our weekly team etherpad.

4. Centrum-Galerie Nachtlauf

Gestern Abend fand der 4. Centrum-Galerie Nachtlauf in Dresden statt und bildete somit den Anfang des Dresdner Stadtfestes. Gemeldet waren an die 3000 Teilnehmer, und laut Endauswertung haben 2736 Sportler teilgenommen.

Auch ich war wieder mit dabei und wollte meine Zeit vom letzten Jahr verbessern. Gelaufen bin ich ja seitdem genug. Das Wetter und die Stimmung war klasse. Also alles in Allem ein toller Lauf. Danke auch an die Veranstalter für das Vorverlegen des Starts um 30 Minuten. Ich denke, dass hat vielen von uns die Stolperfallen auf dem Körnerweg erspart. Aber auch die etwas geänderte Streckenführung beim Blauen Wunder sorgte nicht wie im letzten Jahr für einen Stau und entsprechenden Zeitverlust. Wobei es gut sein kann, dass es wegen der Bauarbeiten bedingt war. Ich hab das nicht mehr so in Erinnerung.

Gestartet bin ich dieses Mal im Block A, da ich als Ziel 1:10h für die 13.6km angesetzt hatte. Somit ging es auch schon nach 1:30min für mich über die Startlinie. Das Tempo war gleich ordentlich und ich versuchte mitzuhalten und unterhalb der 5:00min/km zu bleiben. Das lief die ersten Kilometer ganz gut, aber dann musste ich zugeben, dass ich mich doch auf die 5:00min einpegeln sollte. Somit fiehl ich auf mein bekanntes Renntempo. Aber auch hier machten sich die zügigen ersten Kilometer bemerkbar und ab ca. Kilometer 8 ging es sukzessive abwärts. Ich lief letztendlich eine Zeit von ca. 5:30min/km. Ein insgeheim am Anfang nach unten gesetztes Ziel von 1:07h, fiel somit völlig weg. Das sollte sich aber als richtig erweisen, dann die restlichen Kilometer lief ich so ganz gut, und erreichte doch etwas fertig mit 1:10:05h das Ziel. Somit lag ich auch genau in meiner Vorgabe und war 3:30min schneller als 2012.

Als Resumé muss ich sagen, dass ich zukünftig bei Trainings doch mehr Augenmerk auf Sprints legen sollte, um meine Kondition nicht nur in der Ausdauer zu verbessern. Denn hier stellen auch 15km mit Barfussschuhen und 6min/km kein solches Problem dar. Ein Ziel mehr für mich in den nächsten Monaten…

Mit dem Ergebnis von 1:10h landete ich auf Platz 690 von allen 2736 Teilnehmern, was genau dem Ende des ersten Viertels entspricht. Da bin ich stolz! In meiner Altersklasse landete ich exakt auf Platz 100 von 245 männlichen Läufern.

Wen es interessiert kann nachfolgend die Strecke und Details zu meinem Lauf sehen: