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Automation Development report – week 41 2013

Similar to last week a couple members from our team were partly away last week given the return travels from the Mozilla Summit. So we have lesser announcements to make, except that we hopefully found a couple of new volunteers for test automation! Which would be fantastic. Highlights As of last week we got our new Mac Minis in SCL3 setup by IT. That means that we have expanded our Mozmill-CI to also run pulse triggered tests for all supported versions of Firefox on OS X 10.9. Since then 2Continue readingAutomation Development report – week 41 2013

Automation Development report – week 40 2013

Given that most people of our team were out for the Mozilla Summit over the last weekend, we weren’t able to get a lot of tasks accomplished. But compared to the awesome time and more a dozen of discussions about automation with people during the event, we will most likely see some new faces soon. Hightlights As of Wednesday last week we updated our Mozmill CI instance to make use of Mozmill 2.0. Sadly we had to roll back this change, given that our restart tests were failing all overContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 40 2013

Automation Development report – week 39 2013

During the last week we did something phenomenal. As you might have heard, we were able to release Mozmill 2.0 to the world. After about 3 years of development it was one of our biggest milestones to finish off. But also lots of trouble with our Windows nodes in Mozmill-CI caused us a bit of headache, which we were able to finally get solved. For more details please read on… Hightlights As already announced by my blog post last week, we were able to finally release Mozmill 2.0. Since ourContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 39 2013

Mozmill 2.0 released!

Believe it or don’t believe it. But this announcement is for real! Really, you can trust me! If you still think it’s a joke I can say: even with the expected release of Mozmill 2.0 was like Duke Nukem Forever over the past 3 years, we finally finished all bits and got it released yesterday. Check it out yourself on pypi: So the whole process of working on a new release of Mozmill might have been started when we branched for the final 1.5 release, which was on AugContinue readingMozmill 2.0 released!

Automation Development report – week 38 2013

The last week was more dedicated for maintenance. We were working on features for mozmill-ci to let us more easily debug failing tests, especially with all the cpu load spikes we have seen across our Windows machines. But we also got the final Mozmill 2.0rc6 release out. Continue reading to find details. Hightlights One of our biggest issues last week was definitely the drastic increase of the CPU load across all of our Windows nodes in the mozmill-ci cluster. It magically started when QA did the first ondemand tests forContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 38 2013

Automation Development report – week 37 2013

Another week passed by and there are only two weeks remaining until the end of Q3. That means we are working eagerly to get the remaining goals finished up. Hightlights As of last week we are finally running our Mozmill l10n tests, which discover duplicated access keys and cut-off elements, in our mozmill-ci production environment. That’s a big step forward because with that we no longer have any other test machines which run Mozmill tests on a production like system. Everything is combined in a single continuous integration system. ToContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 37 2013

Automation Development report – week 36 2013

It looks like since everyone is back from the summer vacations we keep our productivity kinda high over the last couple of weeks. During the last week we finished again a couple of important tasks. Hightlights As announced in last weeks report we were going to upgrade our Mozmill continuous integration system to the latest LTS release of Jenkins. That task has been done now, after a full week of observation on our staging instance. Everything looked fine, so Henrik pushed the upgrade to production on Monday. Since then theContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 36 2013

Automation Development report – week 35 2013

Our last week was again very productive, and a lot of smaller and larger tasks have been finished. We are getting closer to reach our quarterly goals. Our next big step is really to get the final version of Mozmill 2.0 out, and the Metro support finished. Then we can get started with implementing ui driven tests as requested by Mozilla QA. Hightlights With the combined work with our Softvision team and a couple of contributors we were able to release two versions of Mozmill in one go. See myContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 35 2013

Automation Development report – week 34 2013

Last week was a really productive week, when we look over the accomplished tasks. Across different test frameworks and tools we got a lot done. Especially the mozdownload project raises interests by even more people, who want to help with their own contribution. Thank you all who were involved! Highlights To appreciate all the hard work done by Johannes Vogel on the mozdownload project we promoted him to the reviewer status. With this recognition he is now able to help us driving this project forward with a faster pace byContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 34 2013

Automation Development report – week 33 2013

Starting from today, the Automation Development team wants to publish weekly reports about the work happened in the previous week. Reason is that similar to other groups we want to offer everyone more insight into our projects, and that we might find even more community members who are interested to help us and learn new stuff at the same time. If you have comments or proposals to the style and contents please let us know. Highlights Beginning of last week we promoted Andrei Eftimie, who is working for our teamContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 33 2013

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