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Firefox Automation report – week 35/36 2014

In this post you can find an overview about the work happened in the Firefox Automation team during week 35 and 36.


Due to a lot of Mozmill test failures related to add-on installation and search, we moved from the website to the staging website located at Since then we experiencing way lesser test failures, which are most likely network related.

In order to keep up with all test failures, and requests for new tests we started our Bug triage meeting on a weekly basis on Friday. For details we have created an etherpad.

If you are interested in helping us with Mozmill tests, you can now find a list of mentored and good first bugs on the bugsahoy web page.

Because of the app bundle changes on OS X, which were necessary due to the v2 signing requirements, we had to fix and enhance a couple of our automation tools. Henrik updated mozversion, mozmill, and mozmill-automation. We were close to releasing Mozmill 2.0.7.

Individual Updates

For more granular updates of each individual team member please visit our weekly team etherpad for week 35 and week 36.

Meeting Details

If you are interested in further details and discussions you might also want to have a look at the meeting agenda, the video recording, and notes from the Firefox Automation meetings of week 35 and week 36.

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