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Moving home folder to another encrypted volume on OS X

Over the last weekend I was reinstalling my older MacBookPro (late 2011 model) again after replacing its hard drive with a fresh and modern SSD drive from Crucial 512GB. That change was really necessary given that simple file operations took about a minute, and every system tools claimed that the HDD was fine. So after installing Mavericks I moved my home folder to another partition to make it easier later to reinstall OS X again. But as it turned out it is not that easy, especially not given that OSContinue readingMoving home folder to another encrypted volume on OS X

Firefox Automation report – week 35/36 2014

In this post you can find an overview about the work happened in the Firefox Automation team during week 35 and 36. Highlights Due to a lot of Mozmill test failures related to add-on installation and search, we moved from the website to the staging website located at Since then we experiencing way lesser test failures, which are most likely network related. In order to keep up with all test failures, and requests for new tests we started our Bug triage meeting on a weekly basis on Friday.Continue readingFirefox Automation report – week 35/36 2014

Synchronizing Nokia N900 with Mac OS X

About 2 weeks ago I got my new Nokia N900 device for testing purposes. During the next couple of months I will have to run some dogfooding against the mobile Firefox aka. Fennec. To have it handy all the time I will have to use it as my mobile phone. Therefore it’s necessary to synchronize all the relevant information, e.g. Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks, between OS X and the N900. There is no official plug-in yet which will allow the synchronization with iSync. But after a quick check I haveContinue readingSynchronizing Nokia N900 with Mac OS X

Change Mac OS X Keybindings

The last days I searched for a way how to modify some of the default keybindings for my Mac OS X installation. While searching the web I found the blog of Llew Mason who wrote a nice article about it some years ago.

Keychain forgets saved passwords … or not?

Yesterday I was really shocked. After reactivating my MacBook from stand-by mode I wanted to burn a DVD with exported pictures. I copied all files into the burning folder and started the process. From now on the whole system was curiously pretty slow. I never had this before. No idea if the burning process was responsible for that. But anyway, let us talk about the real problem… I opened Adium to check if a friend is online. But instead of getting my contact list a password dialog was shown. Damn,Continue readingKeychain forgets saved passwords … or not?

Mac OS X 10.5 alias Leopard available

It was a long time for everyone, who is interested in Mac OS X, to wait for the upcoming 10.5 release alias Leopard. Even after Apple Inc. announced its brand-new mobile phone iPhone and shifted the release forward further 6 month. But now you don’t have to wait any longer. Since yesterday Mac OS X 10.5 alias Leopard has been in the wild. Its sale started exactly at 6pm and many of the distributors celebrated a “Night of the Leopard”. With more than 300 new features and additionally bugfixes thisContinue readingMac OS X 10.5 alias Leopard available

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