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Firefox Automation report – week 13/14 2014

In this post you can find an overview about the work happened in the Firefox Automation team during week 13 and 14.


Finally we were able to upgrade our mozmill-ci production system to Mozmill 2.0.6. The only caveat is that we had to disable one test for cleaning history to prevent the always occurring Flash crash on Windows.

This week Henrik was able to land the first fixes for broken TPS tests. Together with Andrei we were able to fix 4 of them.

Also we had our first Automation Training days. The first one on Monday was a huge success, and we have seen lots of new faces. Sadly the second one on the following Wednesday we haven’t announced separately, so lesser people joined our training. In the future we will make sure, to announce each Automation Training day separately. Also there will be only a single one in a full week, so it will allow people to do some homework until the next session.

In week 14 we released version of our mozmill-automation package. It was necessary to allow QA to run the Mozmill update tests with overriding the update channel, so update tests from a release candidate to the next beta build can be performed.

After we discovered even more Flash crashes of the same type, we decided to use the debug version of Flash on our Windows systems. Main reason is that those builds don’t crash. Sadly, given that they would give us way more information. But Adobe should at least know where the crash is happening. Also given that we do not have any private data on our test machines, we decided to actually upload a minidump from one of those crashes to Bugzilla. This information actually helped Adobe a lot! So we will continue doing that.

Last but not least Henrik was able to fix another 7 bugs for TPS. Those were broken tests, a broken behavior of the TPS test extension, or enhancements.

Individual Updates

For more granular updates of each individual team member please visit our weekly team etherpad for week 13 and week 14.

Meeting Details

If you are interested in further details and discussions you might also want to have a look at the meeting agenda, the video recording, and notes from the Firefox Automation meetings of week 13 and week 14.

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