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Month: November 2010

Mozmill Tests now under the Mozilla QA product

After some discussion last week how to track bugs of the different projects inside Mozilla QA we came to the conclusion that a new product on Bugzilla is necessary. Similar to other groups at Mozilla, QA would also benefit from it when having all their projects under one single umbrella, instead of in dozen different components. Finally we came up with the “Mozilla QA” product. By today the new “Mozilla QA” product has been created on Bugzilla under the Others section. At the same time 5 components have been created,Continue readingMozmill Tests now under the Mozilla QA product

Mozmill Crowd Talk at Selenium Meetup #3 in London

Already two weeks ago, on November 3rd, the Selenium meetup #3 of the London Selenium user group has been taken place. Organized by Dave Hunt, we had 2.5h of interesting talks and discussions at the Google office in London. The overall topic for this evening was how Mozilla is using Selenium and other tools to ensure the quality of their products. Therefore I have been asked to do a presentation about our client-side ui testing framework Mozmill. I was pleased to do so, because I thought that not that manyContinue readingMozmill Crowd Talk at Selenium Meetup #3 in London

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