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Phototour in the Napa Valley

During my stay the Silicon Valley I haven’t only had a great day in San Francisco but also spent a day in the famous whine region of California called Napa Valley. Together with my co-worker Marcia we were driven up those 100 miles to mainly take pictures of the blooming mustard. The day was absolutely sunny but sadly we haven’t had luck to see lot of mustard. We were a bit too late or too early. But beside that we got a lot of impressions and enjoyed taking pictures. I was a bit disappointed that you do not have a chance to get closer to some areas, you have to know that most of those properties are private and visitors aren’t allowed to enter. The only way you can follow is up to the nice little castles and chateaus to taste the local wine. Everyone recommended that tastings but there was no time for us. If you stay in that area, you shouldn’t miss to attend at least one of those tastings.

Back in San Francisco we had a bit of time to drive up the hill in the north of the Golden Gate Bridge. We got a bit higher with the car as Martijn and myself were able the day before with the bikes. You will have a wonderful view from there down to San Francisco. By taking some animal pictures we ended that Sunday with a couple of nice pictures. But see yourself:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623702676207″]

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