Synchronizing Nokia N900 with Mac OS X

About 2 weeks ago I got my new Nokia N900 device for testing purposes. During the next couple of months I will have to run some dogfooding against the mobile Firefox aka. Fennec. To have it handy all the time I will have to use it as my mobile phone. Therefore it’s necessary to synchronize all the relevant information, e.g. Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks, between OS X and the N900.

There is no official plug-in yet which will allow the synchronization with iSync. But after a quick check I have found a plug-in which is still in a beta state but works quiet well for all of my data, and that in both directions. You can download the software from this website. The installation is fast and you will be able to start the first sync process nearly immediately.

A Day in San Francisco

Yesterday I had a great day in San Francisco. My colleague Martijn joined me and we did a walk through the city and rented bikes to visit the Golden Gate Bridge from the other side of the bay. The weather was quiet perfect this time. But see yourself…

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