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Month: April 2010

New Firefox 3.7 branch for the mozmill-test repository

A couple of minutes ago I have branched the mozmill-test repository for our upcoming Firefox 3.7 work. With that addition we can start to update our tests on the default branch to make them compatible with current Developer Preview releases and Minefield builds. That means we have the following correlations now: default => Firefox 3.7 mozilla1.9.2 => Firefox 3.6.x mozilla1.9.1 => Firefox 3.5.x More details about branch handling for our Mozmill tests can be found on MDC. The Mozmill test repository is available under the following two locations:

Testday: Exploratory testing the new Add-ons Manager

As you have probably already read about in a couple of blog post from Jennifer Boriss, Dave Townsend, and Blair McBride, the next major version of Firefox will contain a shiny new Add-ons Manager. If you wanna know more details, you should check out the design documents. Even with the development for this feature still in progress, Mozilla QA will hold a testday for exploratory testing the new user interface on Friday, April 30th. For this time we will not use any Litmus test but running tests based on theContinue readingTestday: Exploratory testing the new Add-ons Manager

First relaxing biking tour

Today was the first day in this year when I had time for a biking tour. The weather was stunning. The complete day we had sunshine, nearly no clouds, and about 20 degrees Celsius outside. Together with a former colleague we used the chance and met for a relaxing biking tour. We had no plans, but just wanted to follow the river Elbe for some kilometers. This time I used my Garmin etrex GPS device to track the ride and imported it into Garmin Connect. It’s the first time I’mContinue readingFirst relaxing biking tour

Mozmill 1.4.1 released

Today Mozilla proudly presents the next bug fix release for Mozmill. A couple of improvements have been made into this release. The most important part is definitely the support of Firefox 3.7, which allows us to run Mozmill tests against Minefield builds in the near future. But we also support Open Solaris now and offer a much easier way to setup Mozmill on Windows. There is no dependency for pywin32 anymore. And with all the other fixes we really have a shiny new release. A list of fixes, which haveContinue readingMozmill 1.4.1 released

Phototour in the Napa Valley

During my stay the Silicon Valley I haven’t only had a great day in San Francisco but also spent a day in the famous whine region of California called Napa Valley. Together with my co-worker Marcia we were driven up those 100 miles to mainly take pictures of the blooming mustard. The day was absolutely sunny but sadly we haven’t had luck to see lot of mustard. We were a bit too late or too early. But beside that we got a lot of impressions and enjoyed taking pictures. IContinue readingPhototour in the Napa Valley

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