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Mozmill 1.3 released

Given the quick review on AMO (many thanks to you guys that this happened under a week!) the Mozmill team can call out that Mozmill 1.3 has been released. It’s available for download on

This release is a big step forward by adding a couple of new features and fixing some important bugs which have been found by users and have been introduced by the last release. A complete list can be found on Bugzilla.

Let’s give a short overview and mention some of the fixes/features:

  1. Bug 509912: We have updated the maxVersion for all applications. So Mozmill is not compatible up to Firefox 3.7a1pre, Thunderbird 3.1a1pre, and SeaMonkey 2.1a1
  2. Bug 508643: From now on new profiles are created by Firefox itself. Before that fix we have used the files from within the default profile folder of the default application. That caused failures for localized builds because the profile has been initialized with wrong profile data.
  3. Bug 516729: Tests failed by clicking on elements inside the content area if the window was too small. Now with this fix elements will be scrolled into view before clicking on them.
  4. Bug 522990: Nested elements in the content or chrome document weren’t correctly reported by the inspector which didn’t let you get an element string.
  5. Bug 512789: Both controller.check and functions have been updated to work now.
  6. Bug 515072: A second parameter has been added for controller.assertJS which let you specify an object which can be accessed via “subject” from within that function. It allows to show a more detailed information for a failing test.
  7. Bug 500987: Restart tests can pass variables between test modules. There is a persisted property available by default which can be used to set/get user-defined values.
  8. Bug 515209: Restart tests can have a callback handler written in Python which can be called asynchronously.

If something has been regressed since the last version please file a bug under Testing/Mozmill on Bugzilla.

If you are interested and want to know more about Mozmill then join us in #QA on IRC or subscribe to the Mozmill developer list.

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