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Month: December 2009

Using your Fritz!Box to send a fax

Even when having an ISDN phone connection at home you will be able to send a fax. There is no analog connection needed. The only requirement is an installed Fritz!Box Fon from AVM which acts as your telephone system. Via its configuration web interface you can already specify a number to receive faxes. But also sending a fax is possible in some simple steps. Download and install Fritz!Fax on your Windows machine. A printer driver is installed automatically which is used to send b/w or colored faxes. Works like aContinue readingUsing your Fritz!Box to send a fax

Synchronizing a Mercurial repository with Git

Some weeks ago a member of the Mozilla community asked me if we can also use Github for our Mozmill test repository which was at this time only available at I agreed but only with the requirement that there has to be a simple way to synchronize both remote repositories. Then Mikeal Rogers who leads the Mozmill project pointed me to Hg-Git which is a tiny Mercurial plugin and implements the Git protocol. Yesterday I was finally able to play around with this plugin and promptly run in aContinue readingSynchronizing a Mercurial repository with Git

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