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Mac OS X 10.5 alias Leopard available

Mac OS X alias Leopard It was a long time for everyone, who is interested in Mac OS X, to wait for the upcoming 10.5 release alias Leopard. Even after Apple Inc. announced its brand-new mobile phone iPhone and shifted the release forward further 6 month. But now you don’t have to wait any longer. Since yesterday Mac OS X 10.5 alias Leopard has been in the wild. Its sale started exactly at 6pm and many of the distributors celebrated a “Night of the Leopard”.

With more than 300 new features and additionally bugfixes this is the biggest release of Mac OS X ever launched. Improvements were made for the Finder, the Dock and many more. New applications like the Time Machine or Spaces add missing core features. Feel free to explore all that on the Mac OS X website.

As we know Apple there is no update available for existing Mac OS X users. Only customers who bought a Mac with Tiger in October can get an upgrade for 8,95 EUR. Anyone else has to buy the full version. But they are not too expensive. A single license of Leopard costs 129 EUR while a family license (for 5 members of one household) costs 199 EUR. Both versions can be bought by Amazon. If you order it before December you can even get a coupon over 10 EUR. Just enter following code at the end of your order request: AMZNLPRDAPPL.

Let the Leopard run!

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