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Firefox Automation report – week 9/10 2014

In this post you can find an overview about the work happened in the Firefox Automation team during week 9 and 10. I for myself was a week on vacation. A bit of relaxing before the work on the TPS test framework should get started. Highlights In preparation to run Mozmill tests for Firefox Metro in our Mozmill-CI system, Andreea has started to get support for Metro builds and appropriate tests included. With the help from Henrik we got Mozmill 2.0.6 released. It contains a helpful fix for waitForPageLoad(), whichContinue readingFirefox Automation report – week 9/10 2014

Firefox Automation report – week 7/8 2014

The current work load is still affecting my time for getting out our automation status reports. The current updates are a bit old but still worth to mention. So lets get them out. Highlights As mentioned in my last report, we had issues with Mozmill on Windows while running our restart tests. So during a restart of Firefox, Mozmill wasn’t waiting long enough to detect that the old process is gone, so a new instance has been started immediately. Sadly that process failed with the profile already in use error.Continue readingFirefox Automation report – week 7/8 2014

Firefox Automation report – week 5/6 2014

A lot of things were happening in weeks 5 and 6, and we made some good progress regards the stability of Mozmill. Highlights The unexpected and intermittent Jenkins crashes our Mozmill CI system was affected with are totally gone now. Most likely the delayed creation of jobs made that possible, which also gave Jenkins a bit more breath and not bomb it with hundreds of API calls. For the upcoming release of Mozmill 2.0.4 a version bump for package dependencies was necessary for mozdownload. So we released mozdownload 1.11. SadlyContinue readingFirefox Automation report – week 5/6 2014

Firefox Automation report – week 3/4 2014

Due to the high work load and a week of vacation I was not able to give some updates for work done by the Firefox Automation team. In the next days I really want to catch up with the reports, and bring you all on the latest state. Highlights After the staging system for Mozmill CI has been setup by IT and Henrik got all the VMs connected, also the remaining Mac Minis for OS X 10.6 to 10.9 have been delivered. That means our staging system is complete andContinue readingFirefox Automation report – week 3/4 2014

Firefox Automation report – week 1/2 2014

I promised to keep up with our updates over the last week but given a major breakage in the freshly released version of Mozmill 2.0.4, I had a full week of work to get the fix out. I promise that during this week I will write reports for the weeks in January. Highlights With the new year our team has been reorganized and we are part of the Mozilla QA team again. That means we will have a way closer relationship to any feature owner, and also working towards inContinue readingFirefox Automation report – week 1/2 2014

Automation Development report – week 51/52 2013

Wow, somehow I totally missed to send out reports for our automation work. Most likely that happened because of the amount of work I had in the past couple of weeks. So for now lets do a final update before the title will be updated to ‘Firefox Automation report’ by the year 2014. Highlights We have released Mozmill 2.0.3 to fix a couple of issues (see dependencies on bug 950831 seen with Firefox Metro builds and our Firefox shutdown code. We pushed those changes together with the releases of mozmill-automationContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 51/52 2013

Automation Development report – week 49/50 2013

It’s getting closer to Christmas. So here the 2nd last automation development report for 2013. Also please note that all team members including myself, who were dedicated to Firefox Desktop automation, have been transitioned back from the A-Team into the Mozilla QA team. This will enable us to have a better relationship with QA feature owners, and get them trained for writing automated tests for Firefox. Therefor my posts will be named “Firefox Automation” in the future. Highlights With the latest release of Firefox 26.0 a couple of merges inContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 49/50 2013

Automation Development report – week 47/48 2013

This is again an overview about the highlights of our work in week 47 and 48 this year. Sorry for the delay of a couple of days but some critical work was holding me off from writing this post. Highlights Henrik and Dave were working on a couple of Mozmill-CI updates, which have been pushed to production. The first batch of features and bug fixes landed in week 47. It included the monitoring plugin for Jenkins, which hopefully will help us to figure out the reasons of Java crashes. AlsoContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 47/48 2013

Mozmill speed improvements after upgrading Python from 2.6 to 2.7.3

Yesterday we tried to upgrade our mozmill-ci cluster to the previously released Mozmill 2.0.1. Sadly we failed on the OS X 10.6 machines and had to revert this change. After some investigation I found out that incompatibility issues between Python 2.6 and 2.7.3 were causing this problem in mozprofile. Given the unclear status of Python 2.6 support in mozbase, and a talk in the #ateam IRC channel, I have been advised to upgrade those machines to Python 2.7. I did so after some testing, also because all other machines areContinue readingMozmill speed improvements after upgrading Python from 2.6 to 2.7.3

Automation Development report – week 43/44 2013

Given that I was partly away in the last two weeks I haven’t had the time to write another summary report of our work yet. So lets combine the last two weeks in a single blog post this time. Highlights To be able to continue our work to speed-up testruns in Mozmill CI Henrik upgraded our Mozmill-CI system to Jenkins 1.509.4. This step was necessary so that we can investigate the slowness in sending out emails for finished testruns, which could take up to 25 minutes! Beside that Henrik alsoContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 43/44 2013

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