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Firefox Automation report – week 3/4 2014

Due to the high work load and a week of vacation I was not able to give some updates for work done by the Firefox Automation team. In the next days I really want to catch up with the reports, and bring you all on the latest state.


After the staging system for Mozmill CI has been setup by IT and Henrik got all the VMs connected, also the remaining Mac Minis for OS X 10.6 to 10.9 have been delivered. That means our staging system is complete and can be used to test upcoming updates, and to investigate failures.

For the production system the Ubuntu 13.04 machines have been replaced by 13.10. It’s again a bit late but other work was stopping us from updating earlier. The next update to 14.04 should become live faster.

Beside the above news we also had 2 major blockers. First one was a top crasher of Firefox caused by the cycle collector. Henrik filed it as bug 956284 and together with Tim Taubert we got it fixed kinda quick. The second one was actually a critical problem with Mozmill, which didn’t let us successfully run restart tests anymore. As it has been turned out the zombie processes, which were affecting us for a while, kept the socks server port open, and the new Firefox process couldn’t start its own server. As result JSBridge failed to establish a connection. Henrik got this fixed on bug 956315

Individual Updates

For more granular updates of each individual team member please visit our weekly team etherpad for week 3 and week 4.

Meeting Details

If you are interested in further details and discussions you might also want to have a look at the meeting agenda and notes from the Firefox Automation meetings of week 3 and week 4.

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