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Month: December 2013

Automation Development report – week 49/50 2013

It’s getting closer to Christmas. So here the 2nd last automation development report for 2013. Also please note that all team members including myself, who were dedicated to Firefox Desktop automation, have been transitioned back from the A-Team into the Mozilla QA team. This will enable us to have a better relationship with QA feature owners, and get them trained for writing automated tests for Firefox. Therefor my posts will be named “Firefox Automation” in the future. Highlights With the latest release of Firefox 26.0 a couple of merges inContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 49/50 2013

Automation Development report – week 47/48 2013

This is again an overview about the highlights of our work in week 47 and 48 this year. Sorry for the delay of a couple of days but some critical work was holding me off from writing this post. Highlights Henrik and Dave were working on a couple of Mozmill-CI updates, which have been pushed to production. The first batch of features and bug fixes landed in week 47. It included the monitoring plugin for Jenkins, which hopefully will help us to figure out the reasons of Java crashes. AlsoContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 47/48 2013

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