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Month: November 2013

Mozmill speed improvements after upgrading Python from 2.6 to 2.7.3

Yesterday we tried to upgrade our mozmill-ci cluster to the previously released Mozmill 2.0.1. Sadly we failed on the OS X 10.6 machines and had to revert this change. After some investigation I found out that incompatibility issues between Python 2.6 and 2.7.3 were causing this problem in mozprofile. Given the unclear status of Python 2.6 support in mozbase, and a talk in the #ateam IRC channel, I have been advised to upgrade those machines to Python 2.7. I did so after some testing, also because all other machines areContinue readingMozmill speed improvements after upgrading Python from 2.6 to 2.7.3

Automation Development report – week 45/46 2013

After the last report over a two week cycle, I have to follow-up with another one for the weeks 45 and 46. Due to my move I had limited availability and to fix some important other stuff. So hopefully this is the last report over a two weeks period in the near future. Highlights To be able to release Mozmill 2.0.1 as soon as possible Henrik had to fix a lot of existent bugs for mozprofile in conjunction with its add-on manager class. Those fixes were necessary because our restartContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 45/46 2013

Mozdownload 1.10 released

As of now we have released a new version of mozdownload. The 1.10 release contains a couple of new features, bug fixes, and absolutely to mention a suite of tests. A big thank you goes here to Johannes and Jarek. Both spend a lot of time again, to make it a successful and lesser bug prone release. Here some major items to highlight: Addition of tests for all types of scrapers and a lot for command line options Output of all candidate builds founds if build number has been specifiedContinue readingMozdownload 1.10 released

Automation Development report – week 43/44 2013

Given that I was partly away in the last two weeks I haven’t had the time to write another summary report of our work yet. So lets combine the last two weeks in a single blog post this time. Highlights To be able to continue our work to speed-up testruns in Mozmill CI Henrik upgraded our Mozmill-CI system to Jenkins 1.509.4. This step was necessary so that we can investigate the slowness in sending out emails for finished testruns, which could take up to 25 minutes! Beside that Henrik alsoContinue readingAutomation Development report – week 43/44 2013

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