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Join our “Make sure your code works” session @MozCamp

Woot!!1! MozCamp EU 2012 is approaching really fast. Only two days left until a couple of hundred supporters of Mozilla will meet in Warsaw to plan and work on the future of the open web. It’s exciting to be part of it and to see you all again!

My task together with Rob Wood – we both are from the Automation Development team – will be a hacking session about WebAPI test automation. WebAPI’s are a crucial part of the Firefox OS (B2G) initiative, Mozilla is putting a lot of work in to bring the open web even to mobile devices.

If you are interested in raising your skills in automation and want to help us to strengthen the quality of Firefox OS please join us on Saturday at 3:05pm in B2G room 1. We still have a couple of seats left. 🙂 To be best prepared please read through our session details and try to setup your machine before you leave for MozCamp. We have setup links to get all necessary tools and the prepared Ubuntu VM. If you aren’t able to do that, don’t worry, we will have USB thumb drives available for you to grab all the data you will need.

As a sneak-peak we will also give you a link to our introduction slides so that you can change your mind if you are unsure about your attendance:

We are looking forward and can’t await to meet-up with you all. So see you @MozCamp on Saturday!

Update: We are planning to send out prizes for the best hand-crafted test(s) some days after MozCamp when we have reviewed all the written tests. So please be aware of code correctness, coverage, and style while implementing the tests.

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