Weekly “Ask an Expert” Q&A sessions for Test Automation

As you might have noticed in the last couple of months a group of people inside the Automation and Tools Team (A-Team) have been formed to help in making the automation expertise better at Mozilla. We are known as the Automation Development team and currently consists of Dave Hunt, Rob Wood, and myself. If you haven’t met us yet or even never heard our names, please check our team member section where we offer some more information about us and nice pictures. Better now? 🙂

At Mozilla we have dozen of test frameworks in use; like Mochitests, Selenium, Mozmill; which mostly dependents on the product under test. With this large matrix it’s sometimes not that easy to figure out when a test can be automated and which framework is best to use for. Even there can be overlaps because multiple frameworks would fit for a particular test. Confusion is pre-programmed.

So the Automation Development team wants to bring some light into the darkness by offering help for those questions. Therefore we will start to host office hour like sessions each week on Thursday at 12:00pm UTC. This will be done via our Vidyo infrastructure and you will only have to install the Vidyo desktop client as suggested when trying to enter the room the first time. For details and up-2-date information please visit our meeting page.

Given that we don’t exist that long yet and are 3 people only, we will start with the Mozmill, Selenium, and B2G testing frameworks. We will extend our coverage to other frameworks once we have the knowledge and man power, and know that sessions like those are helpful and accepted by others. Also please note that the current time has been chosen to start improving our relationship with community members in Europe first – here most of them are located for the above mentioned frameworks. In the future we are planning to have another session for US folks.

We are kinda excited about this opportunity and we would like to invite everyone who has interest to join and actively participate in the discussion.

New ‘in-qa-testsuite’ flag available for Mozilla QA driven test frameworks

Given the importance of automation in QA the Automation Development team had a discussion lately how to improve tracking of QA covered automated testcases in Bugzilla. In the past we haven’t had a way to mark code in bugs for new features or regression fixes as being covered by Mozmill automation.

As we have agreed on it is important to scale our visibility and make it easier for both developers and QA to determine if a feature has automated tests, whether in the tree, in the Mozmill tests repository, or any other framework we would have to create in the future. A whiteboard entry didn’t make much sense for us, and to better align with the existent ‘in-testsuite’ flag, we decided on the ‘in-qa-testsuite‘ flag.

So if you think that a feature needs coverage by Mozmill, make sure to set this flag and assign myself (use “:whimboo” as name). I will then ensure the request will be handled appropriately and the test gets implemented.

Further documentation on automation frameworks and this flag will be available soon. I will blog about once it is ready.