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Mozmill 1.5.6 released

It’s the first time for us that we release two new versions of Mozmill in such a short interval. While this release is a bug fix release, it will add support for an upcoming feature in Firefox Nightly builds, which will probably checked-in today and be available in tomorrows builds. If you wonder what I’m talking about, please read bug 693743, which describes the changes in how Firefox will handle 3rd party add-ons in the future. Especially those extensions which are getting installed into the application or profile folder. In our case both mozmill.xpi and jsbridge.xpi are affected and will be disabled on start-up. With the fix on bug 696027 we make sure that both extensions will not be disabled.

Beside that we also pushed another fix which re-enables the installation of add-ons from the application scope. It has been accidentally disabled in a former release.

Happy testing!

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