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Mozmill-test repository branched for Firefox 3.5

In the last weeks we discovered a couple of changes in the upcoming 1.9.2 code base which forced us to branch our mozmill-test repository. At first we weren’t sure if we should create separate repositories for the 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 branches or handle everything through multiple heads in the same repository. We made the decision to use the first way (see bug 509290) which finally ended up as the wrong way due to some limitations of hgweb. Means we had to revert all the changes and are now using named branches in the same repository.

If you want to use Mozmill to run tests against Shiretoko / Firefox 3.5.x or Namoroka then you can switch between the different branches with the commands seen below.

$ hg clone
$ cd mozmill-tests
$ hg branches
default 108:d8529dd87a77
mozilla1.9.1 106:221ecb1a8ea9
$ hg branch
$ hg up -C mozilla1.9.1
$ hg branch
$ hg up -C default
$ hg branch

Given the output default is our current trunk version of the Mozmill tests while the mozilla1.9.1 branch is for Firefox 3.5.x.

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