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Getting the list of fixes between two Firefox versions

If you are using a beta version of Firefox or even a nightly build, to help in testing brand-new features and verifying fixed bugs, it’s sometimes necessary to identify a regression. Normally you will start in narrowing down the regression range by dividing the possible time frame in smaller chunks. It will take some time but finally you will end-up with two identified builds. One build with the feature working and another one with the regression starts happening.

The next step will be to get the list of patches, which have been checked-in between these builds. Until now I did that by taking the build id from each build and entering it in the date fields on the pushlog page on The problem here is, that you have to remember to add the time difference from PST to UTC or even your local time. I forgot this a couple of times and wondered why none of the listed check-ins were related in any way to the regression I’ve found.

But today I got a nice hint from Ted Mielczarek how to get the correct list of check-ins more easily. With his comment on Bugzilla he pointed out that recent builds offer the changeset information on the “about:buildconfig ” page:


The only thing you have to do now is to copy the changeset id for both versions and to create an URL like this one which will show you the list of check-ins.

For the moment it seems like that there is no UI for such a query but it would be great to have one in the future. But even in the current stage it will boost your work flow to finish any regression test.

Update: I’ve filed bug 471321 which covers the missing ui issue.

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