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Month: January 2009

7 Things about me

Meanwhile I was getting tagged 3 times by good fellows aka Pascal, Simon, and Abdulkadir. Thanks too you all! 😉 Normally I don’t follow such chain letters but lets make it an exception… The Rules: Link back to your original tagger and list the rules in your post. Share seven facts about yourself. Tag 7 1 people by leaving name and link to his blog. Let them know they’ve been tagged The seven things you may (or may not) know about me: I was born in the German Democratic Republic.Continue reading7 Things about me

Minefield @123%

Apple seems to have some problems with the calculation of the cpu load for processes which really stress the cpu. Just open up several tabs with videos on YouTube and you will see how your cpu load will raise over 100%. Out of curiosity: Does Apple already has a patent in software-overclocking? Update: The activity monitor sums up all the cpu usage for any thread within an existing process. Means, depending on the amount of cpu’s or cores and the amount of threads for that process, the cpu load canContinue readingMinefield @123%

Getting hired by Mozilla

Actually this post should have been already written last Monday, but there were too many things going on. But lets start, now! It was an unbelievable Monday. And definitely the best one ever in my life. After 8 years of active contribution to the Mozilla project, I was getting hired by Mozilla. Means, from now on I work as a full-time QA engineer in the QA execution team. And like any other remotely connected office-less person I’m working from home. For now I’m based in Karlsruhe which is located atContinue readingGetting hired by Mozilla

Get Window Media Player plugin work with all installed Firefox versions

As what a couple of you have probably already noticed, the official “Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin” does only work with one of your installed Firefox instances. If you have installed multiple versions in parallel or running nightly builds, it wont work. Before you are able to watch embedded wmv content, the installed library file “np-mswmp.dll” has to be copied to the plugins folder of the appropriate Firefox installation. While doing QA and having the need to download and running nightly builds of Shiretoko or Minefiled, it requires you toContinue readingGet Window Media Player plugin work with all installed Firefox versions

Reduzing PDF file size on OS X

Today I was searching for a tool which let me reduze the file size of saved pdf files. With the default installation of Leopard you will have a Quartz filter named “Reduze file size” for the “Save as” dialog in the Preview application. Using that filter results in a nearly unreadable pdf file. It shrinks the size too much so nearly nothing was readable, e.g. the 3MB grayscale image, which shows a paper with text, was reduced to only 32KB!!! Damn. Digging into searches gives me following interesting discussion onContinue readingReduzing PDF file size on OS X

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