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Lost mobile phone and experiences with Simyo service

Over the last weekend I made a travel to visit some friends I haven’t seen for a longer time. So I decided to use the tram instead of the car, just to have a relaxed ride. Everything was fantastic and we had a great time even when the weather wasn’t as perfect as we had expected. For the return trip I also used the tram which became my inevitable fate. Now you will probably ask why? Sure, here comes the answer…

Some hours later I noticed that my mobile phone was getting lost. Damn, it was one of the really cool Siemens ME45 outdoor ones. It has been on my side for over 6 years now and survived all trekking activities. I was really disappointed as you can imagine. I immediately called my provider to lock the SIM card. No-one should be able to abuse it. The locking was done really fast and I was lucky that the phone wasn’t used so far. Further I hadn’t to pay anything for the locking. Other providers like O2 want to have 10EUR for this action. Nice thing Simyo! But one downside exists (beneath that I’ve even lost my mobile phone): I’ve to buy a new SIM card to continue using the service. This will cost 15EUR including 5EUR credit as the woman from the hotline told me. But I didn’t wanted to buy that right now. My feeling said I should wait some days…

And that was good. Because I knew where the mobile phone was probably getting lost, I contacted our local transport network on Monday. But sadly no-one found a mobile phone and returned it to the lost and found office. The service technician said, I shall try it again in some days and have a look at the online database for lost things. The latter one I did yesterday morning and was more then happy to see an entry about a “Simyo Siemens mobile phone” in the database. There was a same type of mobile phone found in a tram I’ve used on Sunday. Great!! I went immediately to the lost and found office and ask for it. When it was brought to the desk I respired. It was mine! After the formalities I was allowed to take it with me. Now I really have to say thanks to the unknown honestly person who found it. Sadly I’ll never know…

Now the only thing I had to do was re-activating my SIM card. Calling Simyo again I was in the line for some minutes until a real person was talking to me. For only 5EUR I was able to re-activate my SIM card without the need for a new one. That’s cheap and easy in comparison to other providers.

And the best thing is, I don’t need to buy a new one and will spent some more time with that brilliant mobile phone. Thanks again and I’ll keep it safer in the future!

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