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Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 and mscorcfg.msc

Lately I had to configure the code access security for the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 on several clients. While on computers with the Software Development Kit (SDK) Version installed it’s not a problem, but you will have trouble with the Redistributable Version. The mscorcfg.msc applet which can be used to configure all parts of the .net framework isn’t included anymore in the latter one. Thanks Microsoft. Do I have to download the SDK version now which has a size of 354MB to only set some configuration settings? After searching aContinue readingMicrosoft .net Framework 2.0 and mscorcfg.msc

Keychain forgets saved passwords … or not?

Yesterday I was really shocked. After reactivating my MacBook from stand-by mode I wanted to burn a DVD with exported pictures. I copied all files into the burning folder and started the process. From now on the whole system was curiously pretty slow. I never had this before. No idea if the burning process was responsible for that. But anyway, let us talk about the real problem… I opened Adium to check if a friend is online. But instead of getting my contact list a password dialog was shown. Damn,Continue readingKeychain forgets saved passwords … or not?

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