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Firefox 3.6 and me

Yesterday, the Mozilla Corporation has been released the brand new Firefox 3.6 which is the successor of Firefox 3.5 and has a couple of interesting new features and speed enhancements aboard. Let’s have a quick look at the release notes and checkout what makes it a shiny and brilliant new version: With the Lightweight Themes support users will be able to skin their browser chrome without having to install Personas. Browse through the list of the most popular Personas and hover the different themes to see a preview directly pinnedContinue readingFirefox 3.6 and me

Photo challenge – please vote for us

Some weeks ago a friend of mine pointed me to an upcoming photo challenge about image manipulation created. It has been initiated by the biggest German computer magazine c’t. My first thought was to attend this challenge but I recognized that I don’t have any great images on my box and no time to work on that. But surprisingly a friend was visiting me over those days and we had some great shots in the Saxon Switzerland. Given those pictures Silvia made a fake image in parallel without knowing aboutContinue readingPhoto challenge – please vote for us

7 Things about me

Meanwhile I was getting tagged 3 times by good fellows aka Pascal, Simon, and Abdulkadir. Thanks too you all! 😉 Normally I don’t follow such chain letters but lets make it an exception… The Rules: Link back to your original tagger and list the rules in your post. Share seven facts about yourself. Tag 7 1 people by leaving name and link to his blog. Let them know they’ve been tagged The seven things you may (or may not) know about me: I was born in the German Democratic Republic.Continue reading7 Things about me

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