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My first racing bike experience

Nowadays I ask myself once again if we will get a strong winter with snow in Karlsruhe this year. Sadly I don’t really think so. If I take a look into the garden I can always see snowdrops flourish. We had too much sunny days in the last weeks. Same for today with about 10 degrees outside. It’s really hard to stay at home when sunbeams wake you up in the morning. Thats why I decided to enjoy this wonderful day and to have a first ride with my new racing bike, which I bought from my bike dealer last December.

For myself a long term wish comes true and I’m really happy to own a racing bike from Cannondale now even when it’s second hand. It’s a R800 Sport and was produced in 2003. The frame is made of Aluminum and it is damn lightweight against my other bike (F600 SL). You can really feel the ease while riding and reaching 40 km/h isn’t a problem. The only trouble I had is holding this speed. 😉

I think it’s time to start this year’s training. Woohoo, it’s so cool…

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