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First small survey

After two weeks of inactivity and relaxing I’m back at home and will start working again tomorrow. So I wish all readers of my blog a happy new year. I hope everyone of you had a great time and was able to collect enough energy for 2008. Let it be a surprising year!

With the first post in 2008 I want to start a small survey because I don’t know anything about my readers and what they really expect in reading my blog. I would be glad if you could take some seconds and answer the following questions:

  1. I switched the language of my blog to English a while ago. Are you happy with that change?
  2. Did my posts reach your interest? What should I improve and should I blog more often?
  3. Are you happy with the design/navigation?
  4. A while ago I added a photoblog. Do you have some ideas for improvements?
  5. Any other comments?


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