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Newsgroup for German localization

Sorry that I’m a bit behind with that information but my vacation conflicts with my current list of todo items. Probably Robert or Axel already told about it that the German localization community has it’s own newsgroup and mailing list for product localization now.

The idea to improve the German localization started a long time ago (as far as I remember it was at FOSDEM 2006) while having a talk with Abdulkadir who is responsible for the Firefox translation. We had seen that our community is totally scattered and that we don’t have a place for discussions. Also with that result at the back of our’s mind it should take over a year. While working on other parts this topic get lost until this year’s developer day in Paris. There I had to spot the work of other localization communities like Spain, France or Poland. They are perfectly organized and also have a handful of contributors to do various translations beside the product localization, e.g. the Mozilla Developer Center. That’s a part which we nearly haven’t started yet. The big question is why that not happened? One reason is definitely the lack of a central place where ongoing localization work can be managed and distributed to community members. That’s why Axel and me started to collect ideas what we can do to catch up with the other communities without having to much overhead for now. As result we decided to create a newsgroup and mailing list. You can read about the steps of creation on Bug 391048.

Two weeks ago both ways of communication were created and synced with each other. The newsgroup can be accessed over or Google Groups. If you are interested to join the mailing list add yourself here. We are looking forward to community members who are encouraged to help in the localization work. Join us and help to improve your favorite application.

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