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Last Automation Training day for this quarter

Today we hold our last Automation Training day for this quarter. So if you want to learn something about test automation at Mozilla, feel free to join at any time during the day. We are around all day, waiting to answer your questions, and to get you started if you want to contribute to one of our projects. Please have a look at our etherpad for the current status: I’m looking forward to see some of you!

Automation Training day is today!

The Firefox QA Automation team is hosting another Automation Training day on June, 4th. The event is a day long, so join us whenever you are free. You will be able to learn details about our projects, how we tackle automation requests, or simply to get started with coding. We are always around to assist you in getting started. We are looking out for you and your participation.

Automation Training Day on May 21st

For anyone who is interested in Test Automation we offer again a full day of trainings. You will be able to learn more about Javascript and Python, which are the languages used a lot for projects in our Automation team. All the details about this all day event you can read here. Please spread the news around so that we will have a fruitful day with a lot of discussions, and small or larger tasks accomplished.

Firefox Automation report – week 11/12 2014

In this post you can find an overview about the work happened in the Firefox Automation team during week 11 and 12. Highlights After Henrik got started on updating the TPS test framework for Firefox Sync tests, he got it into a state that it is working with the new Firefox Accounts feature coming with Firefox 29.0. For details please see bug 966434. Fixing the backward compatibility for the old Sync authentication is his next step. With the release of Mozmill 2.0.6 and the initial support of handling crashes, weContinue readingFirefox Automation report – week 11/12 2014

Join our first Automation Training days on March 24/26

Building software is fun. Spending countless hours or even days on something to get it finally working. Helping someone who uses your software to speed-up the daily workflow. All that is fantastic and every developer loves that. But don’t let the dark side come up, when customers are pointing you to a lot of software defects. Are you still proud and will you continue the work as how you did it before? Most likely not. Or well, lets say at least not when quality is what you want to ship.Continue readingJoin our first Automation Training days on March 24/26

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