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Fix for increased file size when removing a PDF password on Mac OS

Over the last couple of months I received some password protected PDF files. While using this kind of protection is easy for casual users, I find it kinda annoying that it forces me to add a separate step to my process when storing these files without a password on my local disk. And here I noticed some quirks when doing that step on Mac OS. The easiest way to remove the password is clearly to use the Preview application, and to export / save the document as a new fileContinue readingFix for increased file size when removing a PDF password on Mac OS

Reduzing PDF file size on OS X

Today I was searching for a tool which let me reduze the file size of saved pdf files. With the default installation of Leopard you will have a Quartz filter named “Reduze file size” for the “Save as” dialog in the Preview application. Using that filter results in a nearly unreadable pdf file. It shrinks the size too much so nearly nothing was readable, e.g. the 3MB grayscale image, which shows a paper with text, was reduced to only 32KB!!! Damn. Digging into searches gives me following interesting discussion onContinue readingReduzing PDF file size on OS X

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