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Month: February 2012

MemChaser – An extension to track Firefox’s memory activities

Today I want to announce a new extension for Firefox. It’s been developed by the Mozilla QA Automation Services team, which exists to support the Mozilla QA community by developing tools and frameworks for ease of testing. And this time, in case of the extension, we even target (web) developers, and our huge Firefox user base. So what is it about? Mid of December 2011 bug 711900 has been filed. It complained about an increased garbage and cycle collector activity in Firefox 10, which was not existent in Firefox 9.Continue readingMemChaser – An extension to track Firefox’s memory activities

Mozmill 1.5.9 released

As noted in my yesterdays blog post about the freeze of Mozmill in the JSBridge module when Python 2.7.2 is used, there was an urgent need for a new version of Mozmill. Late yesterday we were able to finally release Mozmill 1.5.9 on PYPI. It only includes the fix for bug 722707 and allows everyone who is running on Python 2.7.2 to use Mozmill again. If you are affected please upgrade immediately.

How I fixed a Mozmill freeze by bisecting Python

Last week we had a very frustrating situation with Mozmill. It caused us some headaches because it came up at the time when we tried to trigger our new test-run for add-ons ‘Default to Compatible’ for the first time. While I was working on the necessary Python script and testing it excessively on OS X 10.7, I haven’t noticed any issue. Everything was working as expected. Then I asked William Lachance to assist me in testing the script on Windows and Linux. So as you may guess now, he cameContinue readingHow I fixed a Mozmill freeze by bisecting Python

FOSDEM 2012, Add-on SDK, and slides for Mozmill CI

Over the last weekend I had the pleasure to participate in the Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting – aka FOSDEM – in Brussels, which is an annual conference for open source projects and their enthusiastic communities. It’s not only fascinating to listen to scheduled talks, but also to meet fellows again who I haven’t seen for mostly a year or even longer. As every year I have spent a bit of my time before the event to prepare a schedule including interesting talks and other organizational stuff.Continue readingFOSDEM 2012, Add-on SDK, and slides for Mozmill CI

Mozmill Crowd 0.1.5 released

Yesterday we had to release Mozmill Crowd 0.1.5 due to changes in our reporting infrastructure. Given the fallout of one of our servers our Mozmill Dashboard is now located at This move needed an update of the default report URL. Now you can send reports of your test results again. We have to admit that not much work happened on the extension in the last couple of months. Reasons are mostly other important projects and mainly the development of the new pre-configured environment for Mozmill. There are still someContinue readingMozmill Crowd 0.1.5 released

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