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Month: July 2007

Bitte nicht füttern…

Mmh schade, hatte nichts dabei. Mit was hättet denn Ihr diesen hungrigen Weidezaun gefüttert? 😉 Update: Kann es sein, dass das Wort König nicht mehr draufgepasst hat? Denn das Füttern eines Zaunkönigs auf der Elektroweide könnt ich mir eher vorstellen…

Popularity of Mozilla, Firefox, and Co.

What you are thinking about which folks have knowledge about Mozilla, Firefox, and Co? Only Hackers, Designers, and persons who are addicted to the internet? You will be totally wrong… Yesterday I had a nice experience. It happened in the morning. During breakfast which I had together with my parents at home my doorbell was ringing. Normally I’m at work at this time and I also didn’t expect to see anybody. So I ask through our entry phone and a man said that he has a parcel for me. StrangeContinue readingPopularity of Mozilla, Firefox, and Co.

Mozilla Developer Day 2007 in Paris

Starting with todays post I’ll switch to a bilingual blog. I made this decision while thinking about my contribution to Mozilla. Only having a German version and talking about Mozilla related stuff will exclude all other readers. I hope you are fine with the change and still read my blog. But let’s start with some content which fits into this blog entry. Last weekend I traveled to Paris to join the Mozilla Developer Day. I really forgot to sign-up myself so I was lucky to get booked a hotel roomContinue readingMozilla Developer Day 2007 in Paris

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