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Automated Software Update tests with Mozmill

Release testing which has to be done by QA right before a new release of Firefox will be offered to our users is still an area where lot of manual work is involved. That means we run Smoketests and the Basic Functional Tests (BFT’s) against the build candidate. As I have already written there is ongoing work with Mozmill to get those work fully automated in the future. But that are not the only tests we have to run… Since ever Firefox is supporting automatic updates we also have toContinue readingAutomated Software Update tests with Mozmill

MozMill 1.3 beta 1 available for testing

Nearly 3 month after we have released Mozmill 1.2 we are close to our next release of Mozmill. Lots of bugs have been fixed and even a couple of new features were implemented. A nearly complete list you can find on Bugzilla. Everyone who is using Mozmill regularly is welcome to help us in testing the beta version. As long as no big issues will come up the release of Mozmill 1.3 will happen next week. If you want to test the extension please download it from Github. Users ofContinue readingMozMill 1.3 beta 1 available for testing

Sharing Keyboard and Mouse between Mac’s with Teleport

Working on two or even more machines in parallel would require a KVM switch or just a neat software like Teleport which lets you share your keyboard and mouse simply over the network. One big advantage against Synergy is that this solution comes as a prefpane and embeds the configuration UI and the backend within one application. Further once a Mac has been enabled for sharing other Mac’s will automatically find it in the network. Anyone who has security concerns will be happy that the connection can be encrypted. AfterContinue readingSharing Keyboard and Mouse between Mac’s with Teleport

Mozmill status and goals for 2009

As a couple of you already know Mozilla QA runs its own set of automated functional tests which are separated from the tests in the automated test suite. The main goal for us is to shorten the test duration for manual functional tests so those tests will be run more often. There are Smoketests, BFT’s (basic functional tests), and FFT (full functional tests) available on Litmus which get partly run by QA during release testing or at any time by contributors. Given the fact that all those tests need aContinue readingMozmill status and goals for 2009

“Mozmill meets L10n” slides available

Over the last weekend Mozilla Camp Europe 2009 has been taken place in Prague. About 150 people from l10n, qa, dev, and advocacy were invited to join this conference which Mozilla Europe is organizing each year. Given my project to get manual Litmus tests automated with Mozmill I have prepared some slides with a special focus on l10n. But sadly I wasn’t able to join the conference because of sickness. I have to say a big thanks to my colleague Marcia Knous and also to one of our main contributorsContinue reading“Mozmill meets L10n” slides available

Change Mac OS X Keybindings

The last days I searched for a way how to modify some of the default keybindings for my Mac OS X installation. While searching the web I found the blog of Llew Mason who wrote a nice article about it some years ago.

Mozmill-test repository branched for Firefox 3.5

In the last weeks we discovered a couple of changes in the upcoming 1.9.2 code base which forced us to branch our mozmill-test repository. At first we weren’t sure if we should create separate repositories for the 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 branches or handle everything through multiple heads in the same repository. We made the decision to use the first way (see bug 509290) which finally ended up as the wrong way due to some limitations of hgweb. Means we had to revert all the changes and are now using namedContinue readingMozmill-test repository branched for Firefox 3.5

Bugzilla 3.4 released

Yesterday Bugzilla 3.4 has been released. Given the blog post from Max Kanat-Alexander who is one of the developers on this project, it’s the best version ever. A couple of new stunning features found their way into the new release. I’m really looking forward to see updated so all those will be available for our daily work. I’m really looking forward to some of the new features: Shorter Search URLs – Never annoy people on IRC or in emails anymore with URL’s which takes nearly half the screen. ItContinue readingBugzilla 3.4 released

Mercurialized prompt

Within the last two weeks I messed up my Mercurial queue a couple of times. Working on several patches in parallel you will forget about the currently applied patch. Doing changes and refreshing the patch will overwrite the whole content of the wrong patch! That could be really bad. To circumvent such an action Jason Orendorff posted a nice solution which integrates the name of the top patch into your prompt. So it will like like: henrik@mbp:/mozilla/mozmill-tests[privatebrowsing.patch]$ The only thing you have to do is to enter the following entryContinue readingMercurialized prompt

Restarting VmWare guest if shutdown is not successful

Today I run into the problem where one of my Vmware guests with an installed Windows XP wasn’t able to shutdown. The only option users have via the UI is to put the machine into sleep. But that doesn’t help at all. I wanna have a running XP box again. Waking up from sleep still shows the same problem: “Windows is shutting down…”. So how someone can kill this instance to restart it like a manual hard boot? The first thing I tried was to kill the Vmware application viaContinue readingRestarting VmWare guest if shutdown is not successful

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