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MozMill 1.3 beta 1 available for testing

Nearly 3 month after we have released Mozmill 1.2 we are close to our next release of Mozmill. Lots of bugs have been fixed and even a couple of new features were implemented. A nearly complete list you can find on Bugzilla. Everyone who is using Mozmill regularly is welcome to help us in testing the beta version. As long as no big issues will come up the release of Mozmill 1.3 will happen next week. If you want to test the extension please download it from Github. Users ofContinue readingMozMill 1.3 beta 1 available for testing

Mozmill status and goals for 2009

As a couple of you already know Mozilla QA runs its own set of automated functional tests which are separated from the tests in the automated test suite. The main goal for us is to shorten the test duration for manual functional tests so those tests will be run more often. There are Smoketests, BFT’s (basic functional tests), and FFT (full functional tests) available on Litmus which get partly run by QA during release testing or at any time by contributors. Given the fact that all those tests need aContinue readingMozmill status and goals for 2009

“Mozmill meets L10n” slides available

Over the last weekend Mozilla Camp Europe 2009 has been taken place in Prague. About 150 people from l10n, qa, dev, and advocacy were invited to join this conference which Mozilla Europe is organizing each year. Given my project to get manual Litmus tests automated with Mozmill I have prepared some slides with a special focus on l10n. But sadly I wasn’t able to join the conference because of sickness. I have to say a big thanks to my colleague Marcia Knous and also to one of our main contributorsContinue reading“Mozmill meets L10n” slides available

Getting hired by Mozilla

Actually this post should have been already written last Monday, but there were too many things going on. But lets start, now! It was an unbelievable Monday. And definitely the best one ever in my life. After 8 years of active contribution to the Mozilla project, I was getting hired by Mozilla. Means, from now on I work as a full-time QA engineer in the QA execution team. And like any other remotely connected office-less person I’m working from home. For now I’m based in Karlsruhe which is located atContinue readingGetting hired by Mozilla

Getting the list of fixes between two Firefox versions

If you are using a beta version of Firefox or even a nightly build, to help in testing brand-new features and verifying fixed bugs, it’s sometimes necessary to identify a regression. Normally you will start in narrowing down the regression range by dividing the possible time frame in smaller chunks. It will take some time but finally you will end-up with two identified builds. One build with the feature working and another one with the regression starts happening. The next step will be to get the list of patches, whichContinue readingGetting the list of fixes between two Firefox versions

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