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Day: May 10, 2012

Changes in the management of Mozmill tests

As you have probably already read we had some changes to our team. With the transition over into the Automation and Tools Engineering team we can now focus even more on test harnesses, the APIs, and the test creation process while educating others how to write automated tests. Given that new responsibility I want to announce a change in how we will manage Mozmill tests from now on. All that is done with the idea of having a faster pace in getting tests automated and fixed. We have to doContinue readingChanges in the management of Mozmill tests

Automation Development Team and Q2 Goals

Some changes to our team happened lately I want to quickly talk about before starting to dive into our team goals for this quarter. So what’s going on? Automation is a key part when it comes to qualifying new and existing code. Over the last years it’s getting more and more important at Mozilla for developers and QA to proof the quality of Firefox on a fast pace without the hassle of manual testing. With the change in the Firefox release process to a rapid train model a ton ofContinue readingAutomation Development Team and Q2 Goals

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