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Month: March 2011

MozMill Crowd 0.1.2 released

The Mozilla QA Automation team proudly presents the next version of the MozMill Crowd extension which has been released today. With Mozmill Crowd 0.1.2 we now support the Endurance Tests, which have been used a lot in the last couple of weeks to find memory leaks in Firefox. Now as part of the crowd extension, those tests are as easy to execute as all the other supported test-runs. Only if you would like to run those tests with a given set of add-ons installed, you will have to run theContinue readingMozMill Crowd 0.1.2 released

New Structure of the mozmill-tests Repository

Since I have been started to work on Mozmill tests for Firefox early 2009, our QA Automation Team has been grown and got a lot of work done. A fair amount of functional tests have been created, followed by a separate test-run of automated software update tests. Those two kinds of tests have been proven to reduce the time for release testing for QA drastically, and as result we have added even more test-runs like for add-ons, l10n, and lately for endurance tests. As more and more different runs areContinue readingNew Structure of the mozmill-tests Repository

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