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Replacement of the cracked MacBook topcase

Some month ago I noticed a little crack in the topcase of my MacBook. It happened in the area where your thenar is placed while using the keyboard. I haven’t made too many thoughts about because the guarantee has still expired. But with the time its getting bigger and bigger. So I just wondered if other people are also affected by this issue. I searched on Google to find an answer and found an interesting article at As mentioned in the discussion it could be a manufacturing error which happens for MacBooks from late 2006. And that’s the time span when my MacBook was manufactured. Good news! So a week ago I started a request to my local Apple dealer. Some hours later I got an acceptance that Apple will exchange the topcase without any costs. I was really glad and the topcase was ordered. The replacement happened last Thursday and now I’ve again a shiny new one including a new keyboard and mousepad.

Everyone who is affected by this problem should ask the local Apple dealer for a replacement!

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