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Month: September 2008

First Mozilla community meeting in Germany

In the last months a lot of things were going on in Europe. Several local communities have taken the chance to held a community event in their own Country. Probably you have read something about it in the European Mozilla Community Blog hosted by Mozilla Europe. But nothing happened in Germany so far. As a German citizen I wasn’t glad about. So we have taken the chance to organize our first community meeting ever. Thanks goes to Abdulkadir Topal who managed everything to make it a terrific event. Because weContinue readingFirst Mozilla community meeting in Germany

Sweet little update to Google Reader

This morning I was surprised about a different behavior of Google Reader while reading my blog subscriptions. All the last months I was annoyed by the need of manual scrolling to see the next posts when the selection is at the bottom of the page, means when hitting ‘J’ for the next post it was moving downwards. At some point you weren’t able to see the next ones. With todays change (or probably some days ago) the selection stays at the top of the list and only moves downwards whenContinue readingSweet little update to Google Reader

Firefox in your country

Some days ago Mozilla put a new survey online to get feedback from their users how Firefox is used in their country. If you are living in Brasil, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Poland, Spain, or a German-speaking country please take the survey. It will only take 5-10 minutes to finish but will help Mozilla to improve the user experience and distribution of Firefox in your country.

Replacement of the cracked MacBook topcase

Some month ago I noticed a little crack in the topcase of my MacBook. It happened in the area where your thenar is placed while using the keyboard. I haven’t made too many thoughts about because the guarantee has still expired. But with the time its getting bigger and bigger. So I just wondered if other people are also affected by this issue. I searched on Google to find an answer and found an interesting article at As mentioned in the discussion it could be a manufacturing error whichContinue readingReplacement of the cracked MacBook topcase

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