Build your own Camera Stablilizer

Who doesn’t know such a situation. It’s a wonderful day outside and you grab the camera to do some nice landscape shots. You are fascinated by the nature that you forget the time. It’s getting darker outside and now you realize that you have forgotten the tripod. So what are you doing now? It’s just simple. Watch the video and you will see how you can build your own stabilizer with easiness.

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera – Lose The TripodThe most popular videos are a click away

A more advanced version can be found on But there are still some things which could be enhanced, e.g. a variable cord length so you also take a photo while crouching. I believe that I’ll have something to think about in the near future…

Seen today on

My first racing bike experience

Nowadays I ask myself once again if we will get a strong winter with snow in Karlsruhe this year. Sadly I don’t really think so. If I take a look into the garden I can always see snowdrops flourish. We had too much sunny days in the last weeks. Same for today with about 10 degrees outside. It’s really hard to stay at home when sunbeams wake you up in the morning. Thats why I decided to enjoy this wonderful day and to have a first ride with my new racing bike, which I bought from my bike dealer last December.

For myself a long term wish comes true and I’m really happy to own a racing bike from Cannondale now even when it’s second hand. It’s a R800 Sport and was produced in 2003. The frame is made of Aluminum and it is damn lightweight against my other bike (F600 SL). You can really feel the ease while riding and reaching 40 km/h isn’t a problem. The only trouble I had is holding this speed. 😉

I think it’s time to start this year’s training. Woohoo, it’s so cool…

OS X leaks keyboard shortcut for optional button in dialogs

Hey, what’s up with my Tiger? I didn’t realized it all the last weeks but why there is no keyboard shortcut anymore to cancel a dialog? It was a fine thing to only have to hit the space key. I mainly used it within Lightroom to delete an image from the database. But as I see now, the button hasn’t a small blue border anymore. It’s cumbersome to grab the mouse and navigate to the cancel button.

Does anyone of you also have this problem? I could imagine that this regression was caused by the latest Apple update 2007-009 which also half-killed my OS X installation.


Update: The button I talked about isn’t cancel itself, sorry. What I mean is the optional button e.g. “Delete from Disk” within the following image:

Update 2: See comment 4 for the solution.

First small survey

After two weeks of inactivity and relaxing I’m back at home and will start working again tomorrow. So I wish all readers of my blog a happy new year. I hope everyone of you had a great time and was able to collect enough energy for 2008. Let it be a surprising year!

With the first post in 2008 I want to start a small survey because I don’t know anything about my readers and what they really expect in reading my blog. I would be glad if you could take some seconds and answer the following questions:

  1. I switched the language of my blog to English a while ago. Are you happy with that change?
  2. Did my posts reach your interest? What should I improve and should I blog more often?
  3. Are you happy with the design/navigation?
  4. A while ago I added a photoblog. Do you have some ideas for improvements?
  5. Any other comments?